If you think you need research, you do. If you wonder if research will help, it will. We help businesses understand and unlock new opportunities in markets across Asia-Pacific. Our deep experience has been earned by working and living in these markets every day.

Spire Research is the research arm headquartered in Singapore. Spire’s clients are global Fortune 1000 firms, non-profits, SMBs, government and educational institutions in a variety of industries including agriculture.

Rigorous fact finding should be the essential starting point for any business initiative, but there are real hurdles to achieving the right level of research in an area such as Asia-Pacific. Fragmented markets, complex regulations, opaque value chains, a dearth of reliable, consistently reported business data—these are just some of the challenges. They are also the reasons why simplistically importing research approaches from the developed West often results in sub-par performance in Asia-Pacific.


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With a full range of in-country resources, Spire is fully equipped to go well beyond traditional consumer profiling and conduct the in-depth, primary research that addresses the full scope of business ecosystem issues—competitors and channels as well as legal and regulatory factors. Instead of a litany of verbatim comments or a mass of statistics devoid of context, we deliver detailed insight, analysis and recommendations in the context of what has been tried, what the research suggests is possible, and what we feel should be done.

Research Services

Our unmatched track record and extensive range of research services are the key reasons for the many long-term relationships we have maintained with world-leading corporations and government agencies.

Competitive Intelligence

Going beyond generic company profiles to deliver in-depth, actionable insights into competitor strategies and capabilities as well as deep-dive studies on strategic posture, resources, capabilities and programs of specific competitors.

Consumer Research

Delivering extensive quantitative and qualitative research across the Asia-Pacific region. Our consultants are well-versed in the nuances of translation, questionnaire design, briefing, interview execution and interpretation of results in the context of Asian as well as emerging market languages and cultures.

Country Research

Undertaking social, political and business environment analysis at the country, province or even city level to support government relations, tax planning, public and media relations, corporate planning and site selection for factories, distribution centers and regional treasury centers.


Making greater use of ethnographic research—in which the role of the observer/interviewer is minimized—to achieve the deep and actionable insights that are often not achievable through traditional research strategies based on individual self-reporting.


Integrating geographic parameters to enhance conventional market research in contexts where location plays a key role in assessing market potential, competitive benchmarking, site selection, sales planning and other business functions.

Go-to-Market Playbooks

Development of customized guides to optimize and improve business outcomes in reseller, retail and sales team operations.

Market Environment Research

Multi-faceted analysis of a specific business and/or market environment focusing on the entire ecosystem of customers, channels, competitors and macro-environmental factors.

Market Sizing and Feasibility

Supporting a successful market growth or entry strategy through measurement of the total addressable market (historic and forecasted), marketability and competitiveness of the product, establishment of feasible targets and quantification of future returns on investment.

M&A Target Research

Identifying potential M&A candidates and ascertaining intent towards a deal as well as uncovering non-public information about a company’s assets, financial performance and potential downside risks.

Market Valuation

Leveraging both supply and demand-side methods, along with secondary data and expert opinions, to define and value key market segments, as well as audit sales and marketing programs for return on investment.

Price Research

Weekly, monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc price tracking research across multiple countries and categories for both consumer and commercial products and services. We integrate on-site observations and secondary data collection to generate “apples-to-apples” comparisons of your end-customer pricing versus competitors and substitutes.

Supply chain analysis

Benchmarking supply chain model against competitors and best practice leaders for practical, actionable recommendations on immediate improvements in IT, logistics, warehouse operations, transport and more.

Thought Leadership

Evaluation of a client's communications in light of hot-button societal issues, newsworthiness and congruence with the client's brand personality. Opinion leader research tools measure the impact of the initiative on target audience groups to quantify ROI.

Value Chain Analysis

Auditing and benchmarking your value chain architecture to optimize value while recruiting, retaining and managing channel partners for successful execution.

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